What Makes Networking Jobs So Attractive?

networking jobs

So you are looking for a networking job? Here’s some really good news, network engineers are quite in demand. With a lot companies looking at newer and more agile technologies, the need for network engineers and networking jobs are definitely on the rise. Network engineering is on an ever increasing mode as of now. Studies have revealed that networking jobs are set to grow 6 percent in the coming decade.

What is Network Engineering?

Network engineers are individuals who are expected to take care of planning as well as constructing and managing networks. The aspirants looking for networking jobs also need to make sure that they’re optimized and function to the best of their capacity. A network engineer is also accountable for the entire company’s IT system.

What is a candidate expected to do in networking jobs?
In networking jobs, network engineers are required to take on the responsibilities of designing as well as enhancing networks. As per the needs of the organization, the network engineer will be called upon to create and implement not just physical but also wireless networks. The aspirant looking for networking jobs will also be expected to troubleshoot issues. S/he will also have to be adept in identifying as well as integrating new technologies.

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What are the qualifications required for a networking job?
A Bachelor’s degree in computer science is a pre-requisite for someone looking for networking jobs. A bachelor’s degree in information systems or computer engineering is also of great value for applicants looking for networking jobs. Depending on the job profile, some companies expect the candidates to have an MBA too.

Does prior experience help in networking jobs?
A bachelor’s or master’s degree might get the candidate into the organization but learning on-the-job IT skills are of great importance for network engineers. For example, networking jobs could be honed at a help desk. It would go a long way to aid in developing real-world IT skills. Volunteering for SMEs or going for an internship will also be of immense value.

What is the scope of networking jobs?
As a network engineer, the candidate ought to know that there is ample scope of growth in networking jobs. Networking engineering profiles and careers are hugely dependent on the organization the candidate chooses as also the latest technologies.

There are a gamut of options available for candidates looking for networking jobs. These range from network specialist, network technicians, network managers or solution architects and many more.

Some important skills vital for networking jobs
Apart from being adept in the technical aspects, a network engineer also needs to be good in certain soft skills like teamwork, communication, as well as critical thinking.

Network engineers need to realize that a great IT idea or a project could fail if it’s not communicated well. Networking jobs are also about people management and network engineers can’t fare well and manage teams without leadership skills. Designing and coming up with optimized networks is not a possibility if the network engineers can’t solve problems creatively.

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