List of Top 6 Home Based jobs in India

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If you are scrolling for job opportunities every day, have you ever wondered why home-based job have gained so much interest in recent years? Well, with the rising socio- economic threats due to COVID-19 most Indians have now started to seek for legitimate home-based jobs. These opportunities have become a real-life career for many and have given a survival opportunity during the tougher economic scenario.

The top two benefits that one may take from these home-based jobs are as follows:

  • Flexible Working Hours: Home based jobs allows an employee to choose work hours as per his or her convenience. These jobs have a valid target based and deadline-based work criteria and expect an employee to respect these two pre-defined parameters.  Flexible working hours are highly demanded in contemporary world and is one of the major benefits that these jobs provide.
  • Work from Remote Location: These jobs allow an employee to start his work from remote locations hence these jobs can also be taken-up as part time jobs, to earn more income. To be available you just need a laptop and an internet connection.

So, if one may avail these benefits, then who wouldn’t want to start home-based jobs? Very few indeed.

Here is the list of top 6 home-based jobs in India one may opt to make a great career:

Data Entry Jobs: Data entry is a highly demanded field in home-based jobs. Almost all companies in India work on data and matrices hence there is a need for an expert to define, segregate, manage, organize and present data in a set structure for the analysts to analyze and create a meaningful reference. This is the right job profile for candidates who like to work on alphabets, numbers and symbols. This field requires a greater analytical intellect. Although, most companies prefer to hire graduates or even high school pass candidates depending upon the data type but it is important for a candidate to be good with numbers.

Human Resource Consultant: This position is available with both consultancies and corporates. The candidate can start this job either as a freelancer or a full-time home-based employee. The major responsibility in this job role is to screen the most appropriate candidates from the recruitment pool for specific vacancies and forward their CV’s to the company HRO. This profile is best for those who likes to work with people as here, you have to undertake initial calling and take complete responsibility of your candidate. The best thing with this job is that, once your candidate is selected the company provides you with good commission.

Lead Generation Executive: This is a form of pre-sales job. Here, a candidate needs to work on getting the potential buyers for the company. This profile is also known as business development in many companies. This job involves high level of calling and sometimes you may need to physically meet or send a sales person to the client. This is one of the highly paid home-based jobs a s the employee is directly helping the company to generate revenue.

Social Media Marketeer: Social media is life line for most businesses today hence there is a constant demand from various corporates and startups for skilled social media marketeer. In this job profile one needs to create better brand visibility and improve the brand awareness through social media handles of company. This candidate at times is also responsible for managing online reputation management for the company. To be a good social media marketeer one should have a good knowledge of content generation, creative design software and marketing ethics.

Content Writer: This is one of the most legitimate job profiles. A candidate who wants to start his or her career in this field should have great command over required language and should know how to curate unique content.  The major work responsibility one may take can be blogging, social media writing, website content development, white paper generation, book editing, SEO article development etc. One may start this job as a freelancer or as a full-time home-based associate. This gain is one of the highly paid home-based jobs in India.

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Software Developer: Software development is the highly specialized fields. Due to high demand of talented software developers this is one of the highly paid job opportunities. There are various clients in corporates and startups who require freelance software developers for front-end or back-end software development. So, if you are a hardcore techie and look forward for challenging software related jobs. Then this can be the best home-based job opportunity for you.

So, this is the list of top 6 home-based jobs in India. So, if you are the one looking forward to make a great home-based career, then understand, evaluate and match your skills with these top 6 home-based jobs and make a great career. 

Author’s Bio

Chinmayee Jha is a marketing communications professional with Monster is a global online employment solution for people seeking jobs and the employers who need great people. Nikhil has a diverse career and has been a former journalist, copywriter and an avid communications professional. His passion for the field of marketing and communications is a motivating force for his present career choice.

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