How to be sure to get nurse jobs in Hong Kong?


Making a career in nursing is a great option in Hong Kong, as the career is quite progressive and is compulsorily licensed. The profession of a nurse is highly respected and involves high compensation in the country. So, if you too are looking to make a career in nursing, then read this article to know this profession better.

With healthcare becoming a prime importance in the country, most hospitals, clinics, private dispensaries contribute immensely to hire nurses all round the year and this shows that there are great job opportunities for registered and enrolled nurses in Hong Kong.

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There are three categories of Nurses to work in Hong Kong based on their license. These are as follows:

Registered Nurses: registered Nurses are those, who have completed their education from a university or college and then have gone through a rigorous internship to learn the practical job and finally have given a licencing test to be a recognized and licensed nurse. For applicants that are trained and educated outside Hong Kong but wish to work in the country the education and eligibility criteria is as follows: –

  • The candidate should have taken his or her training from an authorized and recognized hospital-based training centre and nursing school. To be valid in Hong Kong the duration of the course should be atleat 3 years.
  • Another option which can authorize a nurse to work in Hon Kong is a pre-registration nursing program which again is of minimum 3 years at a college, university or a polytechnic.
  • If a candidate has pursued a program in nursing which is specially designed for candidates who have different qualification or experience, while joining the program. This certificate should be approved by the council of the state of his country. 
  • The candidate must have a registered certificate from his or her country to practice nursing. This certificate is then transferred and checked on the basis of Hong Kong’s rules and regulations.
  • The potential candidate also needs to pass a licensing examination in Hong Kong to finally become a registered nurse and take up a job.

Eligibility criteria for applicants trained in Hong Kong:

  • A candidate who has taken education and training for nursing in Hong Kong have to go through a licencing test in the country to gain registered right to obtain a job. 

Enrolled Nurses: This are the second in command as Nurses in Hong Kong. The candidate who pursues a valid course in this field have to first work as assistant nurses and then gains position of head nurses.

Eligibility criteria for candidates who are trained outside Hong Kong:

  • The candidates should have a minimum 2 years of full-time medical training in nursing from the home country. The education level should be acceptable in Hong Kong. The candidates should check the level of education from the official website of Hong Kong and then apply for a valid test to become an enrolled nurse in the country.
  • The candidate should carry a valid certificate that certifies that he or she is eligible to work in the field of nursing and is capable to assist head nurses and doctors. This certificate will be again validated in Hong Kong and then the test results will be noted to give a title of enrolled nurse in Hong Kong.
  • At times enrolled nurses may also have to go a rigorous training, to bring their knowledge and education on par with Hong Kong education system.

Eligibility criteria for applicants trained and educated in Hong Kong

  • The candidate should complete a pre-nursing program which is of 2 years. This course is provided by the government gazetted school for training and is recognized by the health council of the nation.

After taking care of educational and documentation requirements one should also know that where he or she may apply for nurse jobs in Hong Kong. So, these are the few options from where you may start your career: –

Below stated are a few options where you may begin your nursing career in Hong Kong:

  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • Local Government Facilities
  • Zonal Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Health Insurance Providers
  • Travel Nursing Agencies
  • Nursing Homes
  • Residential Care Service Providers

So, if you want to start you career in nurse jobs in Hong Kong, then read this article to know how to validate your education as per the Hong Kong standard of health education. I addition this article also explains where all you should search for nurse jobs opportunities.

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