Read and learn how to find perfect jobs in Hong Kong

jobs in hongkong

Hong Kong is a city of progressive career growth. Being a developed city, it has diverse career opportunities which are open to all native and expats. The city is the major hub of South-East Asia for trade, Finance and business therefore most people look forward to find jobs in Hong Kong.

The major benefit of finding jobs in Hong Kong are:

Good Salary Scale: Most Companies in Hong Kong are profitable hence they pay all there employees well. In addition, expats make a good earning due to currency defense and better skills than natives. So this is the first benefit of finding jobs in Hong Kong.

Lower Taxes: Hong Kong is a developed city hence it has lower rate of taxes for all. This is a great benefit that both native and expats enjoy being in the city. Lower the taxes better the in-hand salary and that the moto of Hong Kong City.

Local Labor market: This is the best benefit for the natives of Hong Kong as this gives them an extra edge to them over expats and immigrants. This also helps to make new jobs for natives which is beneficial for more and better jobs.

Top Jobs in Hong Kong are:

  • Medical Assistant
  • Bank Manager
  • HR Executive
  • Executive Assistant
  • Biologist
  • Genitor
  • Detective
  • School Teachers
  • Assistant Professors
  • CXO
  • Sales Head
  • Nurse
  • Dentist
  • Management Trainees
  • Hotel Manager
  • Executive Chef
  • Data Analyst

Prominent Industries and Economic Situation

The major dependency of economy of Hong Kong is on the service industry. This includes huge chunk of GDP of the city. The mass recruiting industries in Hong Kong are Finance, architecture and urban maintenance, BFSI, life sciences, human resources and management, e-commerce, and international law. Manufacturing is another important sector in general, experts in innovative engineering as well as product management and operations have decent chances.

Salary Scope for Jobs in Hong Kong

A person who is employees in Hong Kong usually should earn 46,100 HKD monthly. Generally, the per month income ranges from 6,240 HKD which is the lowest average to 204,000 HKD which is the highest salary or average.

The salary discussed here, does usually include HRA, Transportation and additional benefits. Although the salary of each personnel is different based on the rank and position but making a career in Hing Kong Can be a great opportunity.

 Compulsory needs to find for a new job in Hong Kong: –

In Hong Kong the professional is under a job permit which is taken for employee by the company. So, if the employee decides to take a new job, he has to go through a process of filing a form for change of job and once the process goes through, the individual is allowed to find and take up a new job in another organization. It’s a whole process full of formalities in Hong Kong to file a resignation and find a new job. Moreover, the expatriates who plan to take up a career in Hong Kong, this is a great option to start you career journey as most organizations are looking forward to increase workforce diversity in offices of Hong Kong.

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