Searching for Jobs in Sharjah? Here is What to Know

Jobs in Sharjah

Working in Sharjah comes with its set of perks, like any other place in the UAE and gulf regions. As someone looking for jobs in Sharjah, you must be aware of the perks as well as limitations of working and living in the city before you start exploring. Read on to find out.

The economy of Sharjah sustains on the joint cooperation between the government and private sectors, leading to a business-friendly environment. The city’s infrastructural and developmental facilities are reflective of its engineering and construction industries. These are highly popular fields for jobs in Sharjah, and have a continuous demand for new as well as experienced professionals in the same.

Due to the continued urbanisation and modernisation drive in the city, there has been a rise in the industrial activities, leading to the creation of more jobs in Sharjah. Sharjah’s special industrial zones are well-connected by road, sea and air, which are all highly contributing factors for trade and commerce. Apart from this, the location of Sharjah makes it a strategically well-placed region for ideal logistics operations. These factors all make Sharjah an international hub for business practices. While Sharjah has a more conservative way of living when compared to Dubai, the working environment and rules remain the same. Rents and other expenses in Sharjah are comparatively cheaper than Dubai too. These factors add to the attractions for those seeking jobs in Sharjah.

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Since tourism is one of the cornerstones of UAE’s plan for a diversified economy, it also has a role in the employment sector of Sharjah. Being an important source of foreign exchange, the tourism industry of Sharjah has been working on ecotourism. Apart from tourism and environment, some of the top industries for jobs in Sharjah are the sectors of real estate, healthcare, transport and logistics, and hospitality and leisure.

If you are wondering where to start with your search for jobs in Sharjah, you have a number of ways to choose from. One way is to look out for job posts in the business section of newspapers. Another way is for you to dig into your network of friends and professionals to find a suitable opportunity. There are online networking sites where you could build and expand your network in case you are looking for a wider reach. You can even opt for recruiting agencies or online job portals for faster results. If you happen to be a fresh entrant or a recent graduate, you can try with internship or traineeship opportunities or even part-time jobs in Sharjah. These would help you get enough exposure while gaining first hand insights about the industry, by learning under experienced mentors. This way, once you move on to a full-time position, you would be a lot more confident and skilled as compared to your peers. Making your way up the professional ladder would also become smoother as you keep going. Go ahead and grab on the best opportunities that match your skills, and make your dream of a career in Sharjah a reality.

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