Top Sectors Contributing To Jobs in Ahmedabad


Top Sectors Contributing To Jobs in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the Textile city or the Manchester of the East is considered as an important industrial city of the country. In fact, the city is the largest industrial hub in the state of Gujarat. The revenue contribution to GDP is around USD 64 billion. The city is traditionally famous for its textiles which have always contributed to jobs and growth of the economy. But, in recent time, Ahmedabad has also seen an excellent growth in trade, commerce and industry, not to forget the new wave of start-ups. Thus, when it comes to jobs in Ahmedabad, the city does provide ample opportunities. With the right skill, education, experience, and of course luck and hard work, one can expect a progressive career growth in Ahmedabad.

Let us check out below the major sectors contributing to providing jobs in Ahmedabad

Industrial sector

Ahmedabad can be considered as an industrial hub of the state and the country. At one point of time, the infrastructure was not that good in the city and the people were considered living a laid back lifestyle. But, today, things have changed and there has been an infrastructural boom and also the population of the city is increasing. The industrial sector has seen a major growth, especially the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the IT and scientific industries, including the textile and garment industry. Ahmedabad is the home to the famous Arvind Mills, which is involved in manufacturing of denim and exporting it to other countries. Ahmedabad is also one of the largest exporters of gems and jewelry. Thus, the industries in the city have opened up large number of jobs in Ahmedabad for skilled and semi-skilled people.

Some of the big names of industries and employers in Ahmedabad

There has been a high influx of foreign direct investments (FDI) in the city in recent years. Professionals can find out lucrative jobs in Ahmedabad in some of the top international companies like as Stork and Rollepaal of Netherlands and Bosch Rexroth of Germany to name a few. Zydus Cadila and Torrent Pharmaceuticals, the two biggest pharmaceutical companies of the country are based in the city. Nirma Group of Industries and the Adani Group also has their corporate headquarters in Ahmedabad. So, in a nutshell, the industrial sector offers lucrative jobs in Ahmedabad.

Booming real estate sector in Ahmedabad

The real-estate sector is a growing one in the city and in recent time, it has seen a tremendous progress. With the growth of the IT industry and other industries, with infrastructural benefits, with proximity to Surat, with better job opportunities, more and more people are settling down in the city. There has been a massive growth of the real estate sector, both for residential and commercial purposes. The progressive policies taken up by the Government has led to the growth of jobs in Ahmedabad, which in turn has led to the growth of the real estate. A number of construction activities is going on and the city has become one of the favorable investment destinations in India. Commercial spaces’ prices are increasing, providing amazing and unparalleled returns on properties. Thus, the real estate sector is booming and has opened up a number of job avenues in the city.

The Start-up Bandwagon

Now, when many cities have paved the path for start-ups bandwagon, then how can Ahmedabad stay behind? The city is quick making a progress in the start-up race with a number of young professionals coming up with start-ups and new business ideas, opening up a number of jobs in Ahmedabad. In the Startup Landscape Report 2014 by NASSCOM, Ahmedabad is considered to be one among the top 5 as an upcoming start-up hub. Every Gujarati person is known to have an entrepreneurial DNA (when there is Mukesh Ambani from the state itself). Plus the city has seen many foreign investments, development organizations, educational and academic institutions coming up in recent years, paving the path for the innovative startups.

To sum up

The job market in Ahmedabad is a progressive one. Jobs in Ahmedabad are available for candidates across all backgrounds and educational levels. From industries to real estate to start-ups, a wide range of jobs are available in Ahmedabad.

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